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The Batmobile lives in the BatCapsule!

24th Apr 2017

  John Marchese says Batman was his first favorite TV show. In tribute to the Caped Crusaders' ride, he has recreated the Batmobile."The Batmobile has a fiberglass body from a mold mounted to a … read more

Storing a Blown Chevy V8 in a BikeCapsule

24th Mar 2017

 CarCapsule customer Ray has a unique use for his BikeCapsule:Hello CarCapsule,I want to start by saying I have purchased your motorcycle capsule and I really like it, but I do not use it for … read more

The Cars are Hot in Chile

3rd Feb 2017

Attached are some pictures from our dealer in Chile. These photos were taken at an Aston Martin dealer that has taken possession of 7 units at one time. The CarCapsules on the lifts are of particula … read more