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The Batmobile lives in the BatCapsule!

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John Marchese says Batman was his first favorite TV show. In tribute to the Caped Crusaders' ride, he has recreated the Batmobile.

"The Batmobile has a fiberglass body from a mold mounted to a stretched corvette chassis. It is a stock 86 corvette, with the exception of a fuel cell and a few suspension mods. It goes nice, runs straight and cool. It is a pre-owned custom vehicle from out here on Long Island. Interior is stock corvette, except the rotating speedo and some other odds and ends. The hood and trunk are hydraulic. I had it for 1/2 hour in my driveway and people were stopping from all over the place. It is a cool car. It is not the exact replica of the Batman TV show, but close enough."

To keep it safe, this Batmobile custom creation is kept in a 25' BoatCapsule.

This CarCapsule Has Been Providing Protection Since 1999!

Long time CarCapsule owners Rick and Bonney Godfrey tell us about their experience:Hi Phil.. My husband and I talked to you at the Detroit Car show... Sending pictures of the CarCapsule we bought in 1999. We have used all but two years. As you can see it is still working.. It has the green bottom.. My Brother in [...]

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Storing a Blown Chevy V8 in a BikeCapsule

 CarCapsule customer Ray has a unique use for his BikeCapsule:Hello CarCapsule,I want to start by saying I have purchased your motorcycle capsule and I really like it, but I do not use it for a motorcycle. About a year ago, I spoke with someone at the CarCapsule facility, I believe he had said he was the owner and [...]

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ShowCase Protects This 1967 Chevy Caprice 24/7 365 Days a Year!

  Lisa Fleishman says:Just wanted to give you an update on my Car Capsule Showcase that I purchased 2 years ago. As you can see from the attached photos, my Showcase is located in a working garage. It’s a very dusty location and sees a fair amount of traffic coming and going. I never have a second of [...]

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The Cars are Hot in Chile

Attached are some pictures from our dealer in Chile. These photos were taken at an Aston Martin dealer that has taken possession of 7 units at one time. The CarCapsules on the lifts are of particular interest as we get so many inquiries as to how well they work on lifts. As you can see, they work wonderfully! 

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One of These Covers is Not Like the Others

Looks like one of these cars isn't loved like the others. Which one do you think it is?At this car storage facility there are 32 CarCapsules in use, and counting.

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ShowCase Ensures Storage is No Hell for This Hellcat

Paul Powell says: Thank you for talking with me today about the CarCapsule ShowCase that I have.I have to tell you that this is an amazing product that works flawlessly and protects the car.I have 4 children ages 9 ,7, 4 and 2.They put their hands on everything and apparently toys miraculously move on their own to ding up the cars [...]

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The Car Capsule is Not Just for High End Cars

Donn Schubert says: We traded our Corvette for a 2006 Mustang Shelby Tribute Convertible this past spring. When storing the Corvette I used another type of vehicle storage device for the last 9 years. Preparation for this type of storage took hours to cook the desiccant to get rid of the moisture. Then the placing of the car [...]

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ShowCase Is a Perfect Fit in Their Garage!

Sherri McMahan says: We received our ShowCase in Dec. of 2015 and it fit in our garage perfect. Since we live close to the coast the humidity is bad and this is the perfect way to protect our car, 65 Thunderbird. It was easy to put up, we had no trouble and we also watched the video which was [...]

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Race Car Protection!

  Andy Gilberg says: Photos of 3 of 4 carcapsules I have. I like them because all the dirt and dust you see on the outside of them stays on the outside. You only need to clean the car once and it stays clean indefinitely.

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