SC1 Showcase

At first glance, the SC1 gives off that state-of-the-art product vibe that makes you instinctively look twice. This is because of the Aggressive Rake angle of the SC1. We designed it to follow the design elements of today's Sportscar, making your car look like it's going fast while standing still. So, we then had to choose a design style. How can you go wrong with a Carbon Fiber look and Red Accents when selecting a color scheme for a Super Car product? Add New state-of-the-art Customizable C.O.B. (chip on board) lighting, Proprietary IntelliCharge battery backup, 24/7 E.S.T. (Evaporative Storage Technology), Carbon Fiber look Road Emblazoned Chemical resistant base mat, Inflatable airframe, that will not collapse during a power loss. No Tools are needed for assembly; the patented pump inflates/assembles the structure in less than 5 minutes! Put it all together and you have one of our best and most complete vehicle storage solutions to date. 

The SC1 is available in 16' and 18'