3. CF1 Series Showcase (Carbon Fiber Texture)

The Indoor CF1 Series Showcase is an ultra-premium 24/7-365 days a year, vehicle storage solution. The next evolution of CarCapsule™ technology.  The deluxe Showcase protects your treasured vehicle from dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests while presenting it in a show quality display.  It’s Form and Function All in One! Includes Road Emblazon Floor, Carbon Fiber Look, Intellicharger and LED KIT


When it comes to protecting your vehicle, the CF1 Series Showcase leaves no stone unturned. Its robust construction and advanced technology create a shield around your car, preventing dust, dirt, and other contaminants from settling on its surface. The showcase is designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, protecting it from dings and scratches that can occur in storage or display environments.

CarCapsule understands the importance of convenience, and the CF1 Series Showcase is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Setting up the showcase is a breeze, requiring minimal effort and time. The showcase features a built-in high-pressure fan and filter system that constantly circulates filtered air, keeping the interior clean and maintaining a pristine environment for your vehicle. The showcase also offers easy access with its heavy-duty zipper and a rear panel that can be rolled up for hassle-free entry and exit.

Beyond its protective qualities, the CF1 Series Showcase also adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle display. The carbon fiber texture of the showcase gives it a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics. Whether you are showcasing your vehicle in a private collection, showroom, or car event, the CF1 Series Showcase elevates the presentation to a whole new level. Impress onlookers and enthusiasts as they admire your vehicle in its pristine condition within the show-quality display of the CF1 Series Showcase.

Investing in the CF1 Series Showcase is not just about protecting your vehicle in the present; it's an investment in its long-term value. By keeping your vehicle in impeccable condition, the showcase helps preserve its originality and attractiveness. When it's time to showcase or sell your vehicle, you can be confident that it will fetch top value due to its well-maintained appearance. The CF1 Series Showcase offers peace of mind and ensures that your treasured vehicle remains in pristine condition for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for any car enthusiast or collector.