1. Black Showcase

The Indoor Showcase is an advanced and comprehensive storage solution for vehicles. With its CarCapsule™ technology, it offers protection from various elements that can damage or degrade the appearance of a car, such as dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests. The ability to provide this level of protection while also presenting the vehicle in a show-quality display is impressive and desirable for car enthusiasts who want to keep their prized possessions in pristine condition.

The Black Showcase Collection

The Black Showcase Series indeed takes center stage in the stellar line-up of products that Car Capsule offers. This series reflects our commitment to innovation, meticulous design, and customer-focused product development. But, what sets it apart from other ordinary car covers? 


At the heart of the Black Showcase Series, is a heavy-duty, clear vinyl top that will shield your beloved vehicle from dust, humidity, and unwanted touches or scratches. Its fan panel, with a washable filter, provides continuous airflow to keep the car fresh and dry, whilst preventing mildew, musty odors, and rust. The base mat is impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze and is flame-resistant. Offering both indoor and outdoor versions, the Black Series defies the elements, providing holistic protection from strong wind, hail, rain, snow, and even sun.


Our Black Showcase Series car cover doesn't just cover your car; it envelops it in a protective bubble, ensuring there's no stretch, shrink, or fade with the ever-changing weather. It’s made of 10mm radio frequency welded seams that promise an airtight and waterproof environment for your car, thereby proving to be the perfect fit for your car protection needs.


By doing more than just covering your car, the revolutionary Black Showcase Series makes the difference between a parked car and a well-preserved car. Its advanced function guarantees a comprehensive cover that shields every inch of your car. So when it comes to protecting your investment, make sure you're not just covering it; ensure you're showcasing it with Car Capsule's Black Showcase Series car covers.



When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle, the Black Showcase Collection offers unmatched durability and reliability. Manufactured with high-grade materials, our Black Showcase provides a robust shield against environmental elements like dust, moisture, and UV rays. Rest easy knowing that your car is enveloped in a protective cocoon designed to maintain its pristine condition.


The Black Showcase doesn't merely offer functionality; it's also a visual masterpiece in the realm of car cover showcases. With its sleek black exterior, the showcase radiates an aura of luxury and elegance, beautifully complementing the aesthetics of your vehicle. Its transparent viewing panels enhance this even further, allowing for a stylish display that ensures your car remains a head-turner, even when it's securely stored.


Drive-In Accessibility

One of the standout features of the Black Showcase is its drive-in accessibility. Forget about the hassle of ropes, fasteners, storage bags, or cumbersome installation processes. With the Black Showcase, you simply drive your car in, zip up, and rest easy. It's that simple, making it the ultimate in convenience and functionality.

Meticulous Design & Engineering

The Black Showcase series by CarCapsule is a testament to craftsmanship and engineering excellence, blending functionality with luxury in a way that is seldom seen in car protection solutions. Every aspect of the Black Showcase has been carefully thought out and meticulously executed to provide an unparalleled experience for car owners. 

Circulating Fan and Charcoal Filter

The circulating fan enhances air circulation, effectively eliminating stagnant air pockets that could foster mold and mildew, while also helping with temperature and humidity regulation. The charcoal filter serves as an effective odor neutralizer and air purifier. It absorbs unwanted smells, chemical fumes, and even allergens, enhancing the overall air quality inside the Black showcase. Together, these features work in harmony to provide a protective, pleasant, and fresh environment for your stored vehicle.

Advantages of a Car Cover

  • Ease of Use: Forget about complicated ropes and fasteners; simply lay the showcase in the desired position and inflate it. Then, drive in and zip up.
  • Enhanced Protection: From dust, debris, and environmental elements to humidity control, a drive-in car cover offers comprehensive care for your vehicle.
  • Security: Integrated locking mechanisms make your vehicle safe and secure. Show your car with peace of mind as it’s safe from dirt, debris, and everyone admiring your vehicle.
  • Visual Display: Turn your car into a showpiece even while it's being stored, without worrying about compromising its protection.
  • Reduced Liability: A significant part of owning a car goes beyond its maintenance and care. While the Black Showcase Series cannot replace the need for a solid auto insurance policy, it can significantly supplement your overall vehicle protection strategy. Adequately covering your own vehicle significantly reduces the risk of damage caused by potential threats.

Why Choose CarCapsule?

What makes Car Capsule the preferred choice for thousands of vintage car enthusiasts, avid collectors, ordinary car owners, and even rental car agencies worldwide? Our secret lies in our ethos and unique selling points, which sets us apart from competitors in the industry.

High Quality Materials

CarCapsule's Black Showcase is crafted using top-of-the-line materials to ensure durability and maximum protection for your car. Our commitment to quality means you're investing in a long-lasting product that delivers value for money.

Leader in the Industry

CarCapsule is not just another name in the market; we are pioneers in the industry of car protection and storage solutions. With years of experience and innovation under our belt, choosing CarCapsule is choosing unparalleled expertise.

Car Protection by Car Lovers

At CarCapsule, we're as passionate about cars as you are. We understand what it means to own a vehicle that you love and cherish, and that's why each of our products is designed with the ultimate protection and care in mind.

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