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CarCapsule Setup Tips:

    •    The first time out of the box, inflate the car capsule without the vehicle in it to work the wrinkles out.
    •    If the temperature is below 50ºF, open the CarCapsule™ box and let sit at room temperature for 24 hours before inflating.
    •    If you’re using the CarCapsule™ in extremely cold climates, inflate the car protector in a warm area to help the PVC become pliable.
    •    Keep the air filter clean by hand-washing it in warm water with mild dish soap.
    •    If your CarCapsule™ gets dusty, you can use a car duster.
    •    If your CarCapsule™ becomes dirty or stained, use warm water and mild dish soap to clean. Rinse thoroughly.
    •    When not in use, store the CarCapsule™ up off the floor in a dry, rodent-free place.
    •    Leave your windows completely or half-way down.
    •    Leave your convertible top up or unlatched to preserve the weather stripping.
    •    DO NOT use another car cover inside the CarCapsule™. This will only trap moisture.
    •    DO NOT place any source of heat inside the car capsule, not even a light bulb.