What Is CarCapsule?

1st Dec 2021

Protect your car with the original car bubble.

CarCapsule helps protect your car against damage. CarCapsule works to create state-of-the-art products that revolutionize car storage. Our car storage solutions go above and beyond expectations, ultimately curating a product that you can rely on for the long haul. If you frequent car shows, CarCapsule is a great solution for your award-winning vehicle.

About Our History

CarCapsule has been creating storage solutions for vehicles since 1988. Since then, we have been dedicated to making our products better over time. Throughout the years, industry standards have grown far more complex. People expect more from their car storage, and cars require heavier duty protection. Therefore, CarCapsule has learned how to grow with the times instead of fighting against them.

How To Utilize CarCapsule

CarCapsule is great for car shows or any other instance where you would need to give your car extra protection. You can drive your car into CarCapsule, and let it sit for as long as it needs. Its internal air changes three to four times per hour. Temperatures inside are kept consistent, and additional moisture is kept out. 

Honesty & Integrity

CarCapsule is made with honesty and integrity, with nothing but your safety in mind. We are committed to our mission statement, which includes upholding these values of honesty and integrity. At CarCapsule, we consistently deliver world-class customer service. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries.

Find Your CarCapsule Today

Our convenient locations ensure that you can get your CarCapsule easily. Each CarCapsule location provides quick, easy, and professional service. Our expert team can walk--or rather, drive--you through all the details so that you can accurately pick the right CarCapsule for your needs.

CarCapsule is the solution to your car storage needs. We have been pioneering the car storage industry since 1988. Now, CarCapsule is ready to cater to the most advanced vehicles in the world. Regardless of your needs, we’re sure that there’s a CarCapsule that’s perfect for you. If you’re ready to learn more about CarCapsule, contact us today!