5. Signature Series CarCapsule

The Indoor Signature Series CarCapsule is a 24/7-365 days a year, vehicle storage solution. The CarCapsule™ protects your treasured vehicle from dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests while presenting it in a show quality display.  It’s a problem solver! Includes Road Emblazoned Floor and Intellicharger


Signature Series CarCapsule with Black Car

Why Use a Car Cover Indoors

A car storage solution indoors serves several purposes, despite being thought of as primarily for outdoor protection. Firstly, a high-quality vehicle cover shields the vehicle from dust and debris that may accumulate in a garage or another type of storage facility. This coverage helps maintain your prized possession's pristine appearance and reduces the need for constant cleaning. In addition, a car cover provides an extra layer of protection against accidental scratches or dings. Overall, using a car cover indoors ensures the car remains in prime condition, and protected from various potential hazards. Even better, a storage solution from CarCapsule provides unparalleled protection that exceeds a classic fitted car cover.

The Signature Series CarCapsule Collection

Do you want to protect your vehicle from moisture, dust, dings, rodents, and more? Ever heard of the car bubble? You've come to the right place. The Indoor Signature Series CarCapsule is the perfect indoor storage solution for all types of cars, including but not limited to Corvettes, Camaros, and Chargers. Whether you keep your car in storage for days, weeks, or months, your car will come out looking good as new.


Not only will this indoor cover protect your vehicle from the elements, but it will also provide an amazing display, not an unfortunate eye sore. The Signature Series CarCapsule is innovative and advanced and provides ultimate protection.

Signature Series CarCapsule  with Blue Car
Signature Series CarCapsule

What Are The Benefits of Using an Indoor Car Cover from CarCapsule?

High performance, protects your valuable possession, and looks amazing? Those are some obvious benefits to our storage solution, but what are the other benefits to our indoor use protective cover?

  • Prevents Rodents and Other Pests
  • 360 Coverage
  • High-Quality Fabric and Materials
  • Dust and Dirt Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Includes a High Output Recirculating Fan to Provide Filtered Airflow
  • Prevents Damaging Moisture and Condensation
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Rust-Free
  • Available in Different Heights for Any Vehicle

Why Choose CarCapsule for Your Indoor Protection?

Even after telling you the benefits, you may still be thinking, why shouldn't I just buy a fitted car cover?


Here's why:

After protecting vehicles for over 20 years, the CarCapsule knows what your car needs. We are passionate about our product, and we are sure you will be too.

CarCapsule protects your car in the short term and long term. Your car value will not deplete when protected with complete coverage. Accidents happen, but with CarCapsule, you don't have to worry.

Not only are our products the best, but you can also call our customer service with any questions.

Blue Truck and  Signature Series CarCapsule

Indoor vs Outdoor Car Covers

Don't have a garage or storage space? Don't fret. CarCapsule also offers several storage solutions for outdoor use, including the Outdoor Showcase and Outdoor Capsule.

From snow, sleet, to hail, these top-notch outdoor covers protect your car from different types of environmental elements. If you aren't sure whether to purchase an outdoor or indoor cover, just ask our team. We are more than happy to help! Either way, shop the best car covers on the market at CarCapsule.