Jeep Car Covers


The Jeep brand, with its deep roots tracing back to the fervor of World War II, has evolved into an emblematic figure in the global automotive landscape. Initially designed as a military utility vehicle, its unmatched resilience quickly garnered civilian attention. This gave birth to a series of Jeep models, each distinguished by their robust architecture and steadfast spirit.

Among the Jeep fleet, the rugged Jeep Wrangler stands as a testament to off-road supremacy, while the luxurious Grand Cherokee offers a blend of comfort and power. The Jeep Gladiator, with its impressive stature and capabilities, is a force to reckon with, proving that Jeep has a tailored model for every brand of adventure enthusiast.

However, these vehicles, from the roll-bar reinforced Jeep Wrangler with both hard top and soft top configurations, to the mighty Jeep Gladiator, often find themselves confronting challenging weather conditions. Their adventures off the beaten path make them vulnerable to dust, moisture, intense sunlight, high winds, and unexpected blemishes. This exposure underscores the critical need for a full vehicle cover, acting as a protective shield, ensuring that the iconic aesthetic and performance of the Jeep remain unblemished. In essence, for such treasured vehicles, optimal care and protection are more than a luxury—it's a necessity.


Benefits of a Car Capsule Storage for Jeep:

  • High-Quality Protection: A Car Capsule offers an unparalleled protective barrier against physical damage like dents and scratches, as well as environmental hazards like UV rays, dirt and debris.

  • Easy Setup: Gone are the days of complex car cover setups. With Car Capsule, it’s all about convenience; setting it up is a breeze, taking no more than a few minutes.

  • Moisture Control: No more worrying about dampness or mildew. The Car Capsule maintains a controlled environment, ensuring your Jeep remains dry and pristine.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Vehicle Covers: Whether you have a garage or park outside, Car Capsule has got you covered—literally. Their models cater to both indoor and outdoor car cover needs.

  • 1 Year Warranty: Your investment is secured with a 1-year warranty, highlighting the brand's trust in its product quality.

  • Free Shipping: Get your Car Capsule delivered to your doorstep without any additional shipping charges. Convenience, after all, is key.


Car Capsule Jeep Cover Models:

SC1 Showcase: 

For Jeep owners who never compromise on quality, the SC1 Showcase stands as a beacon of excellence. Beyond its superior protective features, this model includes premium viewing panels, ensuring your Jeep is always displayed prominently. The SC1's refined design elements and protective attributes make it perfect for those who wish to combine opulence with unwavering security for their vehicle.

CF1 Series Showcase: 

The CF1 Series is where robust protection meets avant-garde design. Its distinctive carbon fiber texture not only adds a dimension of modern aesthetics but also serves as an enhanced protective layer, guarding against potential scrapes and scratches. This model is particularly suited for Jeep enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of contemporary style with rugged defense, capturing the essence of what Jeep stands for.

Signature Series Showcase:

Epitomizing CarCapsule's commitment to top-tier protection and design, the Signature Series Showcase is nothing short of a masterpiece. Every facet of this indoor use model, from its high-grade materials to its meticulous design, reflects a dedication to excellence. It's the ideal choice for Jeep owners who wish to enshrine their vehicle in a protective haven that also exudes sophistication.

Black Showcase:

For those who believe in making bold statements, the Black Showcase is a perfect fit. Its deep, rich hue exudes confidence while its resilient build ensures your Jeep remains shielded from external hazards and airborne pollutants. This model seamlessly fuses aesthetic appeal with functional protection, reflecting the spirit of adventure and audacity inherent in every Jeep.

Signature Series CarCapsule:

A hallmark of CarCapsule's dedication to premium protection and design, the Signature Series CarCapsule represents the zenith of indoor car covers. Featuring an inflatable, glorified storage bag with transparent panels for a clear view of your Jeep and crafted for a universal fit, this model seamlessly marries elegance with optimal protective efficacy.


The original, the timeless, the indoor car cover, CarCapsule is a tribute to simplicity and effectiveness. Stripping away the embellishments but retaining the core essence of protection, this model is ideal for Jeep owners who seek straightforward, no-nonsense security for their vehicle. It's a testament to the adage that classics never go out of style.

Outdoor Capsule:

Given the off-roading prowess of Jeeps, they frequently find themselves exposed to the unforgiving outdoors. The Outdoor Capsule, crafted from heavy duty, water-resistant nylon, offers comprehensive protection for your full vehicle. Engineered to withstand the harshest elements, this robust shield ensures that your Jeep remains in impeccable condition, regardless of what nature throws its way.

Outdoor Showcase:

Integrating the robust protective qualities of the Outdoor Capsule with CarCapsule's design expertise, the Outdoor Showcase emerges as the premier choice for Jeeps intended for outdoor use. Designed to shield against sun damage and accommodate features like the roll bar, this model ensures Jeeps remain safeguarded without sacrificing visual appeal. It stands as a symbol of both resilience and elegance, echoing the characteristics of the Jeep.


Conclusion: Why CarCapsule for Your Jeep?

Your Jeep is not just a vehicle—it's an embodiment of your adventurous spirit. It's only fitting then that it receives the best protection available. CarCapsule is not merely a protective car cover; it’s a sanctuary where your Jeep can rest, safe from harm and the ravages of time. We're not a new product to the market, CarCapsule has been protecting your cars for over 20 years. With quality and a reputation you can trust, you can rest easy knowing your Jeep is protected from everything from moisture to bird droppings to weather elements.

With a setup time of about 15 minutes and available in multiple sizes ranging from 12 to 22 feet, CarCapsule offers a perfect fit for every Jeep model. When you invest in a CarCapsule, you're not just buying protection; you're buying peace of mind.

Don't let the elements dictate the condition of your beloved Jeep. Give it the protection it deserves. Purchase a CarCapsule for your Jeep today and witness the blend of care and quality firsthand.