Porsche Car Covers


Porsche, an automotive legend born in Germany, stands as an embodiment of precision engineering, performance excellence, and timeless design. Founded in 1931, the brand has consistently delivered a range of vehicles that combine exhilarating driving dynamics with unmistakable style. From the iconic Porsche 911, a symbol of driving passion, to the versatile Porsche Cayenne and the cutting-edge Porsche Taycan, the brand's lineup encompasses a rich heritage and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation. Porsches have not only graced racetracks but have also become a symbol of automotive artistry, embodying a unique blend of luxury and adrenaline-fueled driving experiences that have captivated enthusiasts for decades.

When it comes to preserving the allure and performance of a Porsche, the utilization of a CarCapsule storage solution adds an extra layer of sophistication and protection. Porsche car covers, particularly those offered by CarCapsule technologies, encapsulate the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. A CarCapsule presents a tailored enclosure that envelops your Porsche, safeguarding it from a myriad of potential threats. This transparent cocoon shields the vehicle from dust, dirt, moisture, and even physical contact, all while allowing the beauty of your Porsche's design to shine through. Our products incorporate advanced features, ensuring that the environment within the product remains optimal for preserving your Porsche's pristine condition. This combination of the best protection and presentation elevates the act of vehicle storage into an experience that mirrors the precision and excellence that define the Porsche brand.


The Benefits of a CarCapsule Storage Solution

Are you a seasoned or even new Porsche owner? Opting for a CarCapsule storage solution offers a range of exceptional benefits tailored to safeguard your cherished Porsche, enhancing both its protection and presentation:

  • Easy Setup: CarCapsule solutions are designed with user convenience in mind. The simple assembly process allows you to establish a protective environment for your Porsche quickly and effortlessly. This means you can shield your vehicle from potential hazards without the hassle of complex installation procedures, ensuring that your Porsche is safeguarded with ease.

  • Moisture Control: Moisture can be a significant concern when it comes to vehicle storage, potentially leading to corrosion and mold growth. These products feature moisture control systems that regulate humidity levels within the enclosure. This proactive measure prevents the buildup of condensation, safeguarding your Porsche from the detrimental effects of moisture over time.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Options: CarCapsule provides the flexibility of both indoor car covers and outdoor car covers. Whether you're showcasing your Porsche in a personal garage or sheltering it from the elements outdoors, our high-quality car covers adapt to your needs. The versatility of these storage solution ensures that your Porsche remains protected, regardless of its storage location.

  • Ease of Use: Engineered for user-friendly operation. With features like zipper closures and user-friendly controls, accessing your Porsche when needed is hassle-free. Whether you're showcasing your Porsche at an event or simply want easy access for regular maintenance, CarCapsule ensures that convenience and protection go hand in hand.

  • Enhanced Protection: The transparent structure of a CarCapsule acts as a robust barrier against various external threats. Dust, dirt, debris, UV radiation, and physical contact are all effectively minimized, preserving your Porsche's paint, interior, and overall appearance. By offering a dedicated enclosure, CarCapsule provides an additional layer of protection that goes beyond traditional covers.

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Free Shipping Over $100

A CarCapsule storage solution for your Porsche provides a comprehensive approach to preserving its aesthetic and performance value. With easy setup, moisture control, options for both indoor and outdoor use, user-friendly features, and unparalleled protection, CarCapsule ensures that your Porsche remains in prime condition while also becoming an impressive display piece. This fusion of practicality and sophistication reflects the dedication to excellence that is synonymous with the Porsche brand.


CarCapsule Collection: Choose Your Perfect Car Storage


Keep your Porsche in wonderful condition with CarCapsule! Not sure which model you should purchase? Check out our collections below:

  • SC1 Showcase: Our newest state-of-the-art indoor model! With a Carbon Fiber look, red accents, and an Aggressive Rake angle, this collection couldn’t be any better. But, wait! The technology really brings this to the next level with a Customizable C.O.B. (chip on board) lighting, Proprietary IntelliCharge battery backup, 24/7 E.S.T. (Evaporative Storage Technology), Carbon Fiber look Road Emblazoned Chemical resistant base mat and Inflatable airframe. 

  • CF1 Series Showcase (Carbon Fiber Texture): Protect your awesome Porsche from dust, dirt, dings, corrosion, mildew, rodents, and more. This indoor parking storage solution shows off your vehicle and will also make sure it stays in top condition. It even includes Road Emblazon Floor, Carbon Fiber Look, Intellicharger, and LED kit. 

  • Signature Series Showcase: Form and function! Your Porsche will look good while in storage but it will also be protected from dust, dirt, rats, and more. This hard-to-beat product includes a Road Emblazoned Floor, Intellicharger, and LED kit. Need your storage to be free-standing and have easy access? The Signature Series Showcase gives you the opportunity to drive in and out for everyday use.

  • Black Showcase: The advanced Black Showcase collection is a very sleek option. Similar to our other collections, this indoor storage solution will provide impressive protection for your prized possession while providing a show-quality display. The Showcase by CarCapsule allows you to drive in and out for everyday use.

  • Signature Series CarCapsule: Featuring Road Emblazoned Floor and an Intellicharger, you can’t go wrong with this classic CarCapsule product. Offered in five different sizes for all types of vehicles.

  • CarCapsule: A 24/7-365 days a year storage solution from CarCapsule. Protect your car all day long with this easy-to-assemble Porsche cover. The CarCapsule, aka the original car bubble, can be used for outdoor and indoor use without needing to worry about moisture or environmental factors. 

  • Outdoor Capsule: Heavy rain, snow, sleet, sun? No problem. The Outdoor Capsule protects your vehicle from a variety of outdoor elements, even rust, moisture, and corrosion. Maintain the “showroom shine” all year round with an outdoor vehicle cover. 

  • Outdoor Showcase: An all-season outdoor cover! Keep your Porsche protected from environmental factors such as UV damage, mold, mildew, rodents, and more with the Outdoor Showcase. Make winter hibernation easy.

Also, need storage for your Bike? Check out the Bike Capsule and Showcase.



Vehicle Cover Setup: Easy as 1-2-3

Once your classic Porsche or the latest Porsche is positioned on the basemat; attach the fan, zip it up, and plug it in. No assembly is required. The washable charcoal filter and High CFM Fan will keep dust, dirt, and insects out, maintaining a pristine environment inside your outdoor or indoor storing product for years to come.

The setup time is about 15 minutes. The Car Capsule comes in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, & 22 Ft. lengths.

 As a Porsche car owner, you know that it's more than just a car – it's your prized possession. And wouldn't you want to protect it with only the best? That is why we created our innovative and top-quality storage solutions. Shop the best outdoor and indoor protection options on the market with CarCapsule.