Dual IntelliCharge for Use With Outdoor CarCapsule Only (Dual Fans)

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CarCapsule has now developed the IntelliCharge battery charger, which not only maintains your battery at peak performance levels, it also serves as a backup power source for your CarCapsule’s inflation and air circulation fan. The IntelliCharge ensures that our high power 190CFM fan, which is the key factor of our Evaporative Storage Technology, promotes continuous airflow go uninterrupted for 30-40 hours,depending on battery size in case of a power outage. 

Once the power resumes, the charger will revert back to maintaining your battery and the IntelliCharge will continue to power and inflate your CarCapsule until your battery reaches the lowest cranking amperage of 12.2 volts. After that it will stop drawing power for the fan and save that power for starting your vehicle, which is why we call it an intelligent charger! The IntelliCharge works on all Original CarCapsule models all the way up to our current Outdoor CarCapsules. This is a dual voltage 110/240 Dual fan unit intended for use with Dual fan models only.

The powerful ‘no brainer’ battery charger-maintainer for the hi-technology battery in any of your vehicles – it does work on AGM without issue, in fact any lead-acid battery, including wet cell / flooded with or without filler caps, AGM and GEL Compatibility: Lead-acid, AGM, Gel, LFP / LiFePO4


3 Reviews

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    Posted by Ken Herchuck on 30th Nov 2023

    Easy to install, did power the car capsule from the battery in a test. Good combination purchase.

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    Dual Intellicharge

    Posted by Timothy Leap on 25th Nov 2023

    Works flawless my

    Works flawlessly . Excellent addition to my Outdoor Car Capsule 18 .

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    Very well made, well thought out product, reasonable price compared to other battery tenders out there.

    Posted by Charles H Bilyeu on 22nd Dec 2020

    I have a Street Rod, my battery is under the front seat (some Rod's are in the trunk), I had to buy an extension cable to reach my battery. I have the outdoor capsule so the cables come in from the front, six feet just wasn't long enough to reach my battery. Also the ring lugs were not big enough to go over the battery cable connector's tightening bolts. It would be nice if you include a battery tender extension cable, or at least offered it as an option! Over all, very happy with the Intellicharger!!!