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CarCapsule USA makers of premium storage products to protect your classics, has now developed the IntelliCharge battery charger. The IntelliCharge not only maintains your battery at peak performance levels, it also serves as a backup power source for your CarCapsule’s inflation/air circulation fan. The IntelliCharge ensures that our high power 190CFM fan, that is the key factor of our E.S.T. (Evaporative Storage Technology), that promotes continuous airflow go uninterrupted for 30-40 Hrs.depending on battery size, (capacities vary) in case of a power outage. Once the power resumes the charger will revert back to maintaining your battery. The IntelliCharge will continue to power and inflate your CarCapsule until your battery reaches the lowest cranking amperage 12.2 volts, and then stop drawing power for the fan, and save that power for starting your vehicle; now that’s an intelligent charger. The IntelliCharge works on all Original CarCapsule models all the way up to our current indoor single panel models.  This is a dual voltage 110/240 single fan unit. Single Fan Models Only

1 Review

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    great battery maintainer

    Posted by Taeger on 25th Apr 2018

    great battery maintainer and keeping your carcapsule inflated during a power outage i highly recommend this product,the only problem with it is the cords that go to the wall outlet and to the battery terminals should be a lot longer than they are,if plugged into your wall outlet it is impossible to run the cord to the battery mounted under the hood,i had a heck of a time getting this hooked up to work.