The Car Capsule is Not Just for High End Cars

4th Jan 2017



Donn Schubert says: We traded our Corvette for a 2006 Mustang Shelby Tribute Convertible this past spring. When storing the Corvette I used another type of vehicle storage device for the last 9 years. Preparation for this type of storage took hours to cook the desiccant to get rid of the moisture. Then the placing of the car exactly in the bag without having the floor moving was a challenge. Plus if you were off a little you could not zip it up. This was getting frustrating to me. There had to be something better. I did some research by talkIng to guys at car shows and the internet. That's when I learned about your product. I found someone locally that had a slightly used Car Capsule so I bought it.

The Car Capsule was so easy to set up and inflated in 7 minutes (just like you said it would). My wife had some reservations about the Car Capsule because she thought that the capsule was for very expensive cars. While all of our cars are priceless to us, please let your potential customers know the Car Capsule is not just for the high end cars. I am sold on your product. I can feel comfortable knowing that our baby is being protected.