CarCapsule - Is It Really the Ultimate Vehicle Cover?

30th Aug 2016


The Ultimate Vehicle Cover?

Just what do our Outdoor CarCapsule, Outdoor Bike Capsule and Outdoor ShowCase models do that make them the ultimate outdoor vehicle covers? It’s what they do and don't do that differentiate them from standard outdoor covers. While no cover can protect against everything Mother Nature throws at it, ours do it better.

We have one word to say to you... Wind.

A traditional car cover is designed to sit in contact with the paint. So when the wind is blowing and the cover moves and flaps - even minutely - it's always rubbing against the vehicle. Our capsules are essentially bubbles, and they don’t rest in contact with the vehicle. The design avoids wind caused abrasion problems that can occur with traditional car covers:

If a traditional car cover's seams are rough and poorly made it can scratch the paint. Our capsules don't have rough seams, and further, they aren’t designed to sit in contact with the paint.

On a windy day dust and dirt can get blown up inside a standard cover. So, the vehicle gets "dirty". We completely seal and protect from dust and dirt. Air circulated through the capsules is drawn through a filter before entering. If you put your vehicle in a capsule clean, it will come out clean.

Remember the dust, dirt, grit, sand and other evil particles that get blown up inside a traditional cover? These abrasives are now sandwiched between the vehicle and the cover. As the wind blows and the cover moves and flaps they grind into the paint leaving little scratches. In severe cases clear coat and paint can be badly damaged or completely sanded away. Horrors. CarCapsule products completely seal and protect the car from dust, dirt, grit, sand, soil, etc., so abrasive particles don't get inside. Problem avoided - high five for the capsules.

Wind can blow a traditional cover completely off the vehicle, or leave it partially covering the vehicle with the loose portion flapping and rapping on it. Though, at least if it is completely off the vehicle it won't be grinding in the grit...

The Sky is Falling

The Outdoor CarCapsule, BikeCapsule and ShowCase not only provide a cushion of safety from dust, dirt and sand - they actually provide a safety cushion. They can protect a vehicle from falling objects like hail, baseballs and such. Maybe if Sir Isaac Newton was sitting in a capsule that apple would never have hit him on the head?

Dry and Comfy

While a good weatherproof cover is capable of keeping the topside of a vehicle dry, it doesn't protect against moisture and condensation from affecting the underside. Our Outdoor models completely seal the vehicle away from atmospheric moisture to avoid corrosion, mildew, and musty odors. No water or mud can splash up onto the bottom of the vehicle during a downpour, and condensation won’t collect when the vehicle is parked on moist pavement, dirt or grass.

Don't Forget to Breathe

Good car covers will breathe, but if they're covered in 6 inches of snow, or plugged with a layer of dirt or dust they won't. Capsules are a different story. As long as the fan provides air intake and exhaust - circulation will remain.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Sometimes a heavy rainstorm followed by freezing weather can cause a cover to become frozen to a layer of ice created between the vehicle and the cover. With CarCapsule this horror can avoided – it doesn't make contact with the paint, plus there isn't any moisture on the car to freeze in the first place.

Oh, You Animal!

A traditional outdoor cover won't protect your vehicle against invasion by pests. They'll keep bird poop off, but they won't keep rodents and insects from getting inside and making nests, using your vehicle as a restroom, and generally messing things up. And what's up with cats laying on top of cars? Are they guarding it? Whatever their motive, they seem to like to climb up and hang out. A cover will keep dirty kitty feet off your paint, but the sharp points of their claws can still perforate and scratch. Our capsules seal the car away from the enemy - they can't get to it and inflict mayhem.

Additional Points We Brag About

• Often a dirty cover can cause paint or glass to appear dirty or fogged. A capsule doesn't rest on the paint.

• Use of a traditional cover on any recently painted surface may cause damage to that surface. A capsule doesn't rest on the paint.

• Airborne pollutants may be deposited on the windows or paint while a vehicle is being driven or when parked uncovered. These deposits may become smeared and create a haze when a traditional cover is used. A capsule doesn't rest on the paint.

• A capsule doesn’t rest on the paint (in case you missed that point previously)