Attention Car Dealers!

1st Aug 2016


Q: Are you a car dealer looking for a way to keep cars clean after they have been detailed? Have issues with customers that don't think that fantastic detail job is so fantastic after the vehicle has collected dust while awaiting pick-up? How about that important customer who brings in a freshly washed car for service, and wants it back in the same spotless condition?
A: CarCapsule ShowCase provides a quick, easy and portable solution for protecting vehicles from dirt and dust. ShowCase can help to maximize customer satisfaction.

Q: Looking for a unique way to attract more attention to cars displayed in your showroom, at shopping malls, or during special promotions?
A: Once again, ShowCase is the answer. The ShowCase will indeed show case the presented vehicle, while protecting it from dust, dirt and dings. All the while providing easy ingress and egress for driver and vehicle.

After seeing the ShowCase in action, customers will be so impressed they will want to get a ShowCase of their own. So, car dealers should always keep ShowCase in their inventory to meet customer demand.