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The Car Capsule is Not Just for High End Cars

4th Jan 2017

Donn Schubert says: We traded our Corvette for a 2006 Mustang Shelby Tribute Convertible this past spring. When storing the Corvette I used another type of vehicle storage device for the last 9 yea … read more

ShowCase Is a Perfect Fit in Their Garage!

4th Jan 2017

Sherri McMahan says: We received our ShowCase in Dec. of 2015 and it fit in our garage perfect. Since we live close to the coast the humidity is bad and this is the perfect way to protect our c … read more

Race Car Protection!

4th Jan 2017

  Andy Gilberg says: Photos of 3 of 4 carcapsules I have. I like them because all the dirt and dust you see on the outside of them stays on the outside. You only need to clean the car once a … read more